Frequently Asked Questions - Finance Toolkit

When a spreadsheet is launched from Finance Toolkit, the iWork Numbers app crashed.

Solution 1 : Please upgrade your iWork Numbers to version 1.4. This will resolve the problem.

Solution 2 : Alternatively, if you do not want to upgrade your iWork Numbers, simply go to the Numbers app and delete the spreadsheet previously launched from Finance Toolkit. The crash occurs if a spreadsheet was imported to Numbers partially and a new spreadsheet of the same name is launched from Finance Toolkit.

Frequently Asked Questions - ConnectCode Barcode Software for MAC

1. Why use ConnectCode Barcode Software?

2. Why should I use your barcode software instead of your competitors?

We have developed and marketed barcode software solutions for many years. Our barcode software is trusted and highly regarded by many fortune 500 companies. We have also helped many fortune 500 companies clear their institution audits and independent barcode verifications. These are vigorous tests and require both expertise and experience. With each test, our products improve in terms of quality and stability. As a matter-of-fact, most of our customers are very happy and very satisfied with our products. They have also been with us for many years.

3. Why do I see text characters instead of barcode after copying the barcode to TextEdit?

It is likely that the barcode fonts are not installed on your system for sharing.

Please refer to the section on "Setting up the barcode fonts for other Applications" to setup the fonts.

4. I am getting an extra digit in my barcode. How do I turn it off?

This is the check digit/character of the barcode. For some barcodes this character is optional and can be turned off.

If you are using ConnectCode Barcode Software, uncheck the Check Digit option. If the option is grey out, it means the specific barcode does not support check character or the check character is mandatory under industry specifications.

If you are using Excel formulas, set the second parameter (typically) to "0" to turn off the check digit.

e.g. for a Code 39 barcode

or for an Interleaved 2 of 5 barcode

To turn on the check character, set the second parameter to "1". If the check character parameter is not specified, the Excel formulas will default to the recommended industry specification of the barcode.

5. How do I create an Extended Style UPC/EAN barcode that appears in a retail packaging in Excel?

The following shows an Extended Style EAN13 barcode :

Please see the section "Creating barcodes in Microsoft Office for MAC" on importing the barcode formulas to Excel.

After importing the formulas, you can use the following formula to encode an Extended Style EAN13 barcode:


The "1" in the second parameter indicates the generation of an Extended Style EAN13 barcodes with Embedded Human Readable Text.

The second step is to apply a font with Embedded Human Readable Text using any of the following:

Frequently Asked Questions - ConnectCode Silverlight Animator

When will the Source Code be available?

The source code of ConnectCode Animator will be made available on this website with the official launch of ConnectCode Animator Version 1.0.

What kind of Open Source License do you use?

The source code of the software written by us uses the Microsoft Reciprocal License (Ms-RL) which is certified by the OSI (Open Source Initiative). Our software also uses source code with licenses mentioned in the Attribution of our website.

When will the Documentation be available?

The documentation of ConnectCode Animator will be made available with the official launch of ConnectCode Animator Version 1.0.

Can I use your software for Commercial Purposes

Yes. You can upload the files generated by the software to a commercial website or use the output in your company/customers' projects. You can also charge for the work you created using our software. A link to our website will be appreciated but is not strictly required.

Can I redistribute your software?

Yes. If you need an email confirmation from us, simply drop us a note at

What is Microsoft Silverlight?

Microsoft Silverlight is a platform for enabling Rich Internet Applications. It is a web browser plugin supporting programmable features like vector graphics, audio, video and animation. More information can be found here.